best podcast for starting a business

10 Best Podcasts For Starting a Business

If you ever want to become an entrepreneur or learn how to operate a small business, there’s no better time to do so than now. Podcast production is a pretty popular way to share and distribute content; especially for all those who prefer to consume content this way, podcast shows come in different types and genres. In this article, we’ve put together a list of 10 best podcasts for starting a business. We hope this collection will awaken a powerful impetus for the development of your business or simply point you in the right direction.

1-Dorm Room Tycoon


On this podcast, Host William Channer questions businessmen and successful innovators making important moves. The guest list that Channer features is both detailed and amazing. Many successful people have lent their expertise and experiences on this podcast. Dorm Room Tycoon is a perfect example of a business podcast, which is widely recommended by a number of entrepreneurs; whether you are hunting for wisdom or seeking new inspiration.



Mixergy defines its goal as exposing you to “doers & thinkers whose opinions and experiences are so important that you can be transformed by only listening to them.” With over 1,129 interviews and 166 learning courses, Mixergy is very good at supporting aspiring entrepreneurs who have not yet launched their own businesses. Mixergy is one of the best podcasts for starting a business to newbies. Here, you can get new interesting ideas or learn how to avoid common setbacks.



According to its name, StartUp is the classic story of a person’s struggle from a common man to a businessman. The unsuccessful investor presentations, the tough talks with loved ones, and the cofounders’ negotiations are all documented here as they unfold, providing a fascinating glimpse at the whole journey of the individual concept to business.


4-Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas, producer and host of Entrepreneur on Fire interviews influential entrepreneurs every day. A regular podcast, the program published a new episode weekly each with a new featured guest. In 2013, Entrepreneur on Fire won the Best of iTunes Awards. If looking for managerial or operational wisdom, then the ideas shared there will surely help address all your concerns.



TWIST, a term for “This Week in Startups,” is really about web entrepreneurs around the globe. The greatest, worst, and weirdest stories in the technology sector are discussed by host Jason Calacanis and a rotating panel of guest experts, offering words of wisdom and information in a blunt, entertaining manner.


6-Duct Tape Marketing

Maybe your company is now up and running, so you need support to get the message out to prospective clients. For the people at Duct Tape Marketing, the young experts show you how to market your company’s business effectively without spending much money.


7-Business Insanity

 A small business owner, Host Barry Moltz for many years, knows how mad it can be to start your own company for more than fifteen years. However, unlike others, Mr. Moltz insists the madness is really what makes it so interesting, fascinating, and worth to start your small business. The craziness is explained in his podcast and how to handle it. 


8-One on One

The small business trends podcast, One on One, helps you to learn from important voices of enterprises, both small and large. Host Brent Leary questions top company decision-makers and small business owners, and this variety also makes for a broad range of guidance.


9-Mom Biz Solutions

For 10 years, Lara Galloway, The Mom Biz Mentor, has been educating female business owners and helping them identify and gain achievement for themselves. You’ll want to listen in every week if you could use a little motivation or guidance from a Mom Biz owner who’s “been there, done that.” If you’d like to hear from a woman who’s grown to laugh at her failures and embrace her life as beautiful, you will find this podcast highly engaging.


10-Restaurant Unstoppable

If you’re looking to open your first restaurant, so the only one podcast you should really be listening to is Restaurant Unstoppable. The most influential restaurant owners and restaurant specialists of today shares with the host, Eric Cacciatore, tips and experiences. Topics for debate include how a profitable restaurant can be led, managed, and promoted.

You’ll be well on your path to a whole new world of business awareness and perspective by listing to any of these best podcasts for starting a business.