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10 Online Marketing Tools for Any Business in 2019

With an effective digital marketing strategy, keeping the numbers going up comes naturally. In the past decade or so,  professional digital marketers have sorely relied on the right tools and methodologies to remain successful. Such tools have provided these experts the ability to conduct useful market research, acquire customer insights, and fine-tune their campaign optimization.

If you do not have the finest online marketing tools, it’s very difficult to identify and target customers that will buy from you. It’s even more challenging to find cost-effective ways to market or maximize the sales channels you are on.

Are you looking for ideas to market your new business online?

Or do you want to revamp your digital marketing strategy?

Want to launch a product to a brand new audience?

Below are 10 online marketing tools to add in your toolbox to make 2019 a great year. Pick any tool to create a fully integrated and workable marketing strategy that pulls in results.

Crazy Egg

Do you want to know how customers use your site, what they spend more time on, and what possibly prevents conversion?

Crazy Egg helps you to collect relevant data through testing to gain customer insights. It provides you with tools such as heat maps, scroll maps, click reports, user session recordings, and A/B testing tools.

Crazy Egg plans are priced from $24 to $249 per month. It is one of the best tools for improving the usability of your site as well as increasing conversions.


Buffer is a simple-to-use social media tool with a free plan and paid plans (up to $199 per month). It is perfect for small and big businesses that need to automate and optimize their social media strategy.

Buffer offers several functionalities for the modern social media marketer, including social post scheduler and social media share widgets for websites.


Do you think strengthening your Twitter marketing strategy is a worthwhile investment?

If so, Followerwonk is one of the most effective analytics tools you should have in your arsenal.

It enables you to mine your Twitter analytics to identify relevant Twitter accounts you can target, figure out your followers’ demographics, develop a content posting strategy, and make sure you are sharing quality content.

Follower wonk has tiered pricing starting from FREE to $79 per month.


Displaying your social proof on your website is an excellent way of captivating your visitors and keeping them on the site for longer.

Proof helps you showcase social media posts, reviews, testimonials, hot streak notifications, and live visitor counts in the most convincing way.

Besides, you can use it to view your customers’ demographics by simply clicking Visitor ID information.The tool is easy to download and use. Also, it integrates easily with your site or CRM.

Proof features tiered pricing based on your site’s traffic, with prices starting at $24 per month.

Google Analytics

Most small and big businesses use Google Analytics to track and analyze customer data.

Google offers a FREE standard version which is immensely helpful for small businesses. Bigger businesses use more advanced versions (pricing may go up to $150, 000). These paid versions are more powerful and highly customizable.

All you need to use Analytics is a simple JavaScript snippet. With Google Tag Manager, the things you can do to understand your customers’ site usage trends and site traffic reports are only limited by your imaginati0n.


MailChimp is a reliable email marketing tool, which has more than 12 million businesses in its customer base. It has rightfully claimed to be among the leading email marketing providers in 2019.

If you are just starting, a free version of MailChimp will suffice. For businesses that send more than 12000 emails every month, there’s a befitting paid plan.


HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing software is known best for providing cutting-edge marketing, sales, and CRM software.

It claims to bring the entire marketing funnel together.

You get access to tools for blogging, SEO, social media, lead management, website landing pages, call-to-actions, marketing automation, email marketing, and analytics.

HubSpot’s reputation assures you that you will have all the tools you need to maintain your marketing funnel in good order.


Social media continues to be an integral part of online marketing strategies. It is inherent for business owners to have a set of dynamic social media marketing tools by their side. Hootsuite enables you to:

Identify leads for your sales team and influencers for your marketing team

Remain active on multiple social platforms without visiting each platform at a time

Maximize the value of pre-written responses

Schedule social media posts in advance (this saves you a lot of time)


The importance of using the best keywords in SEO cannot be overemphasized.

How do you which keywords your audiences are searching for?

Which key phrases will make your content rank higher on SERPs?

KWFinder helps you to answer these questions. Remove the guesswork from keyword research. Map yourself on the World Wide Web with the right keywords the first time.Once you type in a seed keyword, KWFinder returns hundreds of suggestions, search volume data, ranking difficulty score, and so on.


You don’t have to always pay for web design services while you can create original, eye-catching online marketing materials on Canva. In just a few minutes, you can put together motivating quote creatives, colorful graphs, and highly engaging infographics to keep your readers interested.

This tool allows you to use your photos or those featured on the site. Besides, you can create new images when you need high levels of customization. You don’t need graphic design experience to use Canva. Its drag-and-drop features simplify everything for you.

You can never be short of ideas to improve your digital marketing strategy when you have the right tools. Evolve your marketing with any selection of these top 10 online marketing tools for any business in 2019 for more business success. You’ve got everything you need just a click away.