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10 SEO Techniques and Strategies For 2019

SEO is a popular practice undertaken to improve website traffic. Over the years, the strategies and techniques used to achieve this task has varied significantly across the board. SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. It’s what gets your site those new subscribers and causes people to discover your website. Here are the top 10 SEO techniques and strategies for 2019 to help with your digital marketing.


1. Make your site fast

These are the best 10 SEO techniques and strategies for 2019. The first one is obvious. Make your site load faster. Remove unnecessary content so your page requires less time to load. Virtual Assistant Engage can address your entire site’s optimization needs, and in turn ensure your visitors are kept happy.

2. Your site should be mobile-friendly

Your webpage should load correctly on a mobile phone. Most people access the internet from their mobile phones. Therefore, your page is supposed to be mobile-friendly. Everything should be located where it is supposed to be. If it loads well on phones, search engines like Google will rank it higher. In addition, visitors would love to come to your site again.

3. Use descriptive keywords

Ensure you use long and descriptive keywords to attract visitors. Your words should be specific to a customer’s needs. Incorporating them into your blog helps improve search rankings.

4. Provide high-quality content

Motivate your visitors to come back to your site by churning out great content. Your blog posts should be easy to understand and well researched. High-quality work impresses everyone.

5. Modify old posts

Update your existing content to ensure it appeals to your audience. Remove unnecessary information to ensure your visitors like what they see.  Similarly, we are fully given to analyzing current Google trends and best practices, which helps in making your content become more interesting. Republishing your old posts is one of the best 10 SEO techniques and strategies for 2019. It helps generate organic traffic to your site.

6. Build quality links

This is a popular strategy used to increase your website’s visibility. It is an efficient tactic that tells search engine algorithms that your site should be given more priority over others. You have to be patient in order to build quality links. It takes several months to grow organic traffic to your site. However, its worth is finally shown when sales begin to go up.

7. Utilize voice search

Add keywords that would appear in a regular conversation. This encourages Google and other search engines to rank your site higher when a voice search is performed. Consequently, this leads to increased traffic to your website.

8. Use HTTPS

This deals with your site security. The Google algorithm directs visitors to secure sites. Changing your page from http to https guarantees safety. They are assured your site is free of viruses. As a result, more visitors are directed to your website.

9. Create a strong brand on social media

Use your social media handles to share content that is relevant to your page. It helps to grow quality links. Your friends and followers are likely to visit your site after viewing your social media posts.

10. Use other search engines

Do not focus on Google for SEO. Use other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. This broadens your site’s outreach. It is one of the best 10 SEO techniques and strategies for 2019 since it generates links from numerous sources.


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