delegating work efficiently

7 Tips for Delegating Work Efficiently to a Virtual Assistant

Delegating work efficiently cannot run smoothly unless you team up with a competent VA outfit whose willing to work with you. Virtual assistants possess specialized skills that enable them to complete a wide range of tasks. These include routine functions like report writing, non-routine tasks such as database creation and management, file management, PowerPoint presentations, research, social media management among others.

Going the outsourcing way is often seen as a simpler and less expensive way of getting things done. While this is true, success in working with virtual assistants depends on a number of factors. One of the crucial things to plan for is how to delegate work to your VA.

Here are 7 tips of delegating work efficiently to a VA to ensure that they complete the task successfully:

 Sort your tasks by importance

Every task has a dollar value, that is, the value it is adding to your business. You need to sort all tasks by this value. Whenever possible, delegate high-value tasks to experienced and specialized VAs to get the best value from the tasks. Also, Sorting out your tasks based on their importance enables you to eliminate mistakes that can turn out to be costly for the business.

 Document tasks in a detailed, easy to understand way

Many business owners are familiar with preparing job descriptions for roles. However, many of them fail to provide specific and sufficient details for each task that needs to be delegated, which makes it difficult to match the right skills with the job at hand.

Have specific and detailed requirements, procedures, steps or outcomes for each of the tasks you plan to delegate to a VA. For high-priority tasks that you want a specialized VA to handle, send them the outcomes you need them to accomplish.

Crucial details to communicate to your VA include:

Your business’ background information (your industry, products/services, and who your customers are)

Education and experience required

Software, tools or apps that they will use

A list of duties and responsibilities

Offering specific instructions on how to complete a task leads to accurate results.

 Prepare your VA for advanced tasks

It’s often beneficial to develop a VA you’ve been working with so that she or he can handle more advanced tasks. If you are planning to delegate advanced tasks, be ready to devote some time to train the VA. The training can be delivered via a written resource, an online video, or through a voice call via phone or Skype.

In addition to offering training, share with your VA the processes you use to maintain high efficiency. With an understanding of these processes, the VA will try to be as productive as possible when performing the assigned tasks.

 Maintain a good professional relationship with your VA

Building a mutually beneficial relationship with your VA is crucial for the prosperity and growth of your company. Establish good communication channels to ensure that information exchange between you two is effective for productivity enhancement. Stay in touch with your VA.

Don’t just get in touch when things go wrong. You can set up a regular check-in schedule to ensure that each party is in tune with what the other is doing. Also, staying in touch will help you to identify problems and address them before they affect your business.

 Let the VA understand your strategy

Essentially, hiring a virtual assistant should help you to focus on that will bring more growth to your business. Since business runs on an already set strategy, having a VA who understands the underlying strategy helps to increase their effectiveness. You can never regret putting in the hours to work out a strategy with your assistants.

Working with VAs who are well informed about your strategy will save you time and money on training later when implementing the strategy. Also, involving them in strategy formulation will make them more useful and more efficient, in terms of the tasks they can complete for you.

 Avoid the temptation to micromanage tasks

Delegating work efficiently should free up some time for you to focus on other activities that drive business growth and success. You need not constantly look over your VA’s shoulder if you prepared the instructions properly.

Trust the VA with the task you assigned them. This brings out the importance of working with virtual assistants you can trust. There are many ways of hiring VAs, but working with a virtual assistant agency that has already vetted workers saves you many trust worries.

Use project management and online collaboration tools available for business owners and VAs to manage tasks without meddling into your virtual assistants’ work. With these tools, the VA will constantly be aware of the timelines for each task and will plan his time with strict observance of deadlines.

 Always provide constructive feedback

Providing feedback is a conscious effort. Give feedback to your virtual assistant from the time you start working together. Your comments will help the VA to adjust quickly and to make improvements wherever needed. Positive feedback is hugely motivating.

On the other hand, negative, but wisely put together feedback is also helpful. Don’t shy away from telling your VA when their output does not produce the desired results.


Effective delegation of tasks to your virtual assistants can significantly increase your income. These tips will help you to be more efficient when delegating different functions to these freelance professionals.

Delegating work efficiently saves you time and allows you to concentrate on high-value activities that only you can complete.