Where we turn clients into friends


Our business was formed by Rebecca Kaleo and Co-founder Peter Kobia back in 2019. We decided to start this business after working with researchers, founders and business owners in different capacities. When we first started as a small work-at-home business, our focus was mainly to help clients fulfil their outsourcing requests locally. But later when the needs grew, we felt it was wise to expand our services to cater to our global client base. Today, our business story has remained the same throughout this entire period – providing honest, dependable remote assistance to our clients who inspire us to do what we do.

We strive to provide personalized and highly-tailored services to our unique clients. It is our responsibility to provide services that streamline workflow, improve workplace efficiency and boost productivity. All this is done at competitive rates that fit any company’s budget. Honesty, resourcefulness and accountability are some of the pillars our business is built upon. We are committed to helping our clients find the perfect work-life balance by reducing their workload and facilitate in making their businesses more profitable. This is done by easing talent voids, recruitment burdens, cost limitations, personal conflicts and improving poorly completed work.



Our Benefits

Experiencing burnout or dealing with a tonne of work that’s running behind schedule? When you use our services, we work tirelessly to get the job done in a timely fashion!

Our virtual assistants are well-trained and prepared to solve your business’s most challenging problems. Quality, honesty and value for money are some of the peaks you get each time you work with us.

Pay only for the hours required; nothing more, nothing less. No hidden charges or recurring monthly binding contracts. No credit cards either!

Our project completion process is both fast and efficient. Work follows a streamlined queuing process that ensures tasks are done as soon as they become available in the system.

Due to our continued tireless assistance in completing assignments on behalf of our clients, many business owners have over the years relied on us to be an integral part of their businesses.

Working with our teams will not only save you money but also put more money into your pockets! Having us at a corner of your business will probably be the best decision you’ve ever made in a long while.