What ordering methods are accessible?

Order Online: Simply select the service plan you want to order above, and then hit the “SIGN UP” button. We’ll forward you to a account details screen where you’ll be able to fill your information.

How do I order services on the pricing page?

On the pricing page, you can add any item to your virtual shopping Cart. First click the “SIGN UP” button below any item you’d like to order, and then press the “ORDER DETAIL” button after providing your information to complete that action. Afterwards, choose the specific service you need help with under the “Premium Support” page and hit “CONFIRM ORDER”. Finally, press “PAY NOW” button to complete your purchase and you’ll be directed to our payment processing service.

What is the checkout process?

Once you’re satisfied including all the services you require in our Premium Support page, click the “CONFIRM ORDER” button to begin the buying process. If you’re not a registered user, you’ll need to register at this time, to provide your invoice address and delivery address (if applicable). Later, choose your payment method and confirm your order.

I have not received my project yet, what should I do?

In order to facilitate the successful delivery of your tasks, please make sure that there is enough room in your inbox to accept larger email files. Also, ensure that your email account is properly set up to receive both Word and PDF document attachments.

Does Virtual Assistant Engage require payment before order dispatch?

We do not start working on your tasks until payment is made. Keep in mind we do complete thousands of tasks each year, and you’re double-protected via PayPal and your credit card company. We’ll have your completed tasks back to you within the provided time-frame. All payments must be received in full against any selected order before work commences.

What is Virtual Assistant Engages’ cancellation policy?

Generally, Virtual Assistant Engage does not accept the cancellation of an order after it has been placed. However, exemptions can be made if order mistakes happen or we are unable to fully help you get what you were looking for. When placing an order with Virtual Assistant Engage, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What if I need to update a task you’ve already work on in the past?

All future updates from returning customers are billed at 30% OFF the price of the order.

I’ve just received the work and it’s all wrong. I need changes?

Did you let our virtual assistants know? In the e-mail in which  we send out the task files there were directions, if there are any changes or updates feel free to notify us and we’ll be happy to address these concerns for you.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do. You can send us a brief-timed project to evaluate our services before committing. Your free trial includes 4 hours delivered in 4 days.

Each plan is valid for?

All plans are valid for 30 days

Do you carry forward any unused hours?

Yes, we do.

How long does it take to hear from you after placing my order?

Typically within a few minutes. We always strive to respond to all online queries as soon as possible.

What’s your phone number?

(815) – 205 – 5337

I need a one-time project completed and I do not want to subscribe to any plan. Is that possible?

Yes, just let us know what project you need completed and we will generate a custom budget that will be favorable to you.

What payment options do you support?

Currently, we only accept payments via PayPal, but in future we may venture into other ways of accepting payments.

How long have you been in business?

6 years.

What’s the cheapest plan you have?

Pay As You Go plan or VA 5 hours plan for $50

How Can I share Passwords securely?

We use LastPass for this, so you do not have to worry

What do you use for time tracking?

We use Clockify system